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Helping you change your
life's story

If you are struggling, help is available. 

Contact me to find out how we can change things for the better, together.



Jason Shepherd

I was trained as a Marriage and Family Therapist in Berkeley, California.  I earned my

Master's in Psychotherapy from the Wright Institute and trained at the Pacific Center

for Human Growth in Berkeley, where I specialised in working with the LGBTQ+ community.

Now, I'm based in York, providing services to people in the UK.  I started Jason Shepherd Counselling to reach those most in need of support, and help them improve their lives.


Are you struggling with feelings of anxiety or sadness?  Have negative experiences from your past affected your ability to lead the life you desire in the present?  Have you experienced problems with drugs or alcohol?  Are modern social issues weighing on your mind and interfering with your happiness?

These are all problems I can help you with in individual therapy.  I'll talk to you about what's been bothering you, help you identify the things that need to change, and support you as you make those changes. 

Together, we can build a new, better life for you.

Is your relationship having trouble?  Have you found it difficult to communicate?  Are you having the same arguments over and over, never finding a solution?  Have you been wondering how to move forward?

In relationship therapy, I can help you and your partner(s) find ways to communicate openly and work towards solutions, by finding the root causes of conflicts and forging a path towards resolution.  With support, you can repair what's been broken and strengthen your bond.

Together, we can find the way forward.

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